Traditional After Care
‚ÄčLeave bandage on tattoo for as long as your artist has instructed.

1. At time of removal wash hands. Wet bandage so it will come off the skin without sticking (this can also be done while showering). Dispose of the bandage.

2. Wash tattoo gently with a non scented soap. Rinse and pat area dry (do not rub).

3. With clean hands take a small amount of a high end non scented lotion such as Lubriderm, Aveeno or Burt's Bees and rub it into your tattoo. You will apply lotion on to your tattoo three to four times a day until it heals. Do not over saturate.

4. Always wash your hands before applying moisturizer during the healing process.

5. Do not itch or pick at your tattoo as some people experience itching while the tattoo is healing.

6. No hot tubs, swimming or submerging the tattoo until it is all the way healed.

Tattoo Derm After Care

Leave tattoo derm in place for 72 hours, you will notice drainage, don't worry this is normal. After 72 hours remove derm (this can be done in the shower). Then follow steps 2 to 6.